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Proudly serving the Shelbyville, Kentucky community, our Subutex clinic provides adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from heroin, oxycodone, Percocet, and other opiates.

How It Works and Is It Safe?

How Subutex Treatment Works

Since 2002, when it was first approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of opioid addiction, Subutex has provided countless patients with much-needed relief from withdrawal symptoms. The use of Subutex has been extensively studied to confirm its safety in the treatment of opioid dependency.

With buprenorphine hydrochloride as its active ingredient, Subutex is typically prescribed to be administered daily and in the form of a dissolvable tablet.

Use of Subutex eliminates symptoms, such as the powerful cravings for continued opioid use, in a safe and effective manner and allows patients to work, drive, attend school, and otherwise participate in everyday life in an unimpaired manner. When taken as prescribed and under the close supervision of a trained medical professional, the use of this medication is safe.

There are numerous prescriptions available through Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC). For this reason, patients should work closely with their treatment provider in order to determine the appropriate medication based upon their unique set of treatment requirements.

The Benefits of Treatment & Counseling

The Benefits of Subutex Treatment & Counseling

Lasting recovery requires the treatment of the emotional and physical aspects of a patient’s addiction. Because of this fact, Shelbyville CTC provides patients with the opportunity to receive both medication and therapy.

Medication such as Subutex relieves the physical symptoms associated with withdrawal while providing patients with the opportunity to achieve the mental clarity that is required in order to focus on the remainder of their recovery.

Therapeutic activities such as individual and group therapy allow patients the opportunity to address and treat the underlying causes of their addictive behaviors while preparing for an opioid-free future. Therapy session promote open and honest communication between patients while working closely with our highly qualified counselors.

Individual therapy sessions provide patients with the opportunity to work one-on-one with a highly qualified counselor in order to openly discuss their addictive behaviors while addressing any questions or concerns that may arise during the course of treatment.

Group therapy sessions are counselor-led and bring patients together with other individuals who are also receiving treatment for addiction. By working alongside their peers, patients are able to provide and receive the support and encouragement that is critical for progressing in treatment.

Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center offers support groups and family therapy to the loved ones of our patients. These sessions provide the support and education that is necessary in order to appropriately assist your loved one throughout his or her journey towards recovery.

To make the most of treatment, the following should be kept in mind by individuals who received treatment through Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center:

  • Follow all directions regarding taking your medication
  • Actively play a role in individual and group therapy sessions
  • Communicate any questions or concerns that may arise during the course of treatment.
  • Openly voice any issues that may arise while taking Subutex. Adjustments to a patient’s medication and dosage can be made throughout the course of treatment if deemed necessary
  • Do not consume alcohol or opioids while in treatment

Is it important to find a “Subutex clinic near me?” It is important that you or your loved one have a strong support system to be successful in treatment.

Side Effects

The Side Effects of Subutex Treatment

Patients should openly discuss the use of other medications, prescriptions, and/or substances with their treatment provider prior to incorporating the use of Subutex into their treatment plan as Subutex can negatively interact with multiple substances. Like many medications, use of Subutex can cause patients to experience side effects. The following side effects have been reported by individuals who are prescribed this medication:

  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sweating
  • Weakness
  • Headache
  • Infections
  • Pain
  • Back pain
  • Withdrawal symptoms

Patients should notify their treatment provider of any side effects that occur.

Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center is here to assist you or someone that you love in safely progressing towards a future that is opioid-free. Our dedicated team of medical professionals is trained in the field of addiction and understands the complexities associated with this disease. By providing patients with an individualized plan of treatment that encompasses their unique treatment goals, patients are able to receive the highest quality of care that meets their needs.

Remember, Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center is your choice for treatment when you or your loved one asks the question: what is the best methadone clinic near me? Please contact us today to learn more about Subutex as well as the other treatment options that we offer.